Lord I Want a Legal Orgasm!

Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.

How many of us think about this scripture and leave off part B? You know- but fornicators and adulterers God will judge. God is the only one that can judge and when he does He is Right!

So where does that leave me as a woman trying to live an honorable single life?

I’ll tell you it has left me working and perfecting my crafts and sharpening the gifts that The Lord has placed on the inside of me.

I have the mindset to do business and establish my own brand.

To live my life full so that I am able to pour out to others.

So when that midnight hour comes and I begin to think about calling someone to have an illegal orgasm, the Holy Spirit reminds me that “I’M BETTER THAN THAT”. He lets me know that The Lord hears my prayers and He’s finalizing the details before he presents me. I know he’s doing it for me and therefore, I know he is doing the same for you. Trust and Never doubt.
So now that this is all out there, how can we as woman have an open dialogue with each other being honest with ourselves and admit that sometimes if not most of the time we want sex more than men do?

Let’s talk about it drop me some comments below. I look forward to seeing your thoughts regarding the matter.

Author Pamela Short


  1. This topic will be very inspirational to young women out there that is living a single lifestyle because like you stated women have urges just as a men do but how can you control those urges but also be free-spirited Is well I think the topic would be good for a roundtable discussion amongst women about the subject

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Amazing read and truly insightful. A topic that is hard to talk about but one we all need to gain knowledge about. This book can help any one dealing with the struggle of temptation and learn how to gain freedom in a broken world! Thanks for this and I would encourage all to check it out – Breauna Hill

I loved reading this!! She gives me the reassurance that my desires are normal but reminds me that I have a greater purpose in life. All of my girls will be getting a copy of this book… definite must read this summer!! – Brittney Hill

I must admit that I admire you for your vulnerability, honesty, and willingness to put it “all out there.” Reading it a second time really made your words sink in more, and it’s actually very logical what you are saying. The point is I think we, as women, can ALL relate to some or all parts of your book. – Tracy


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