A Storm is Coming!

Song of Solomon 3:1

One night as I lay in bed, I yearned for my lover. I yearned for him, but he did not come.

The sound of this rain falling against my window pane has me yearning for the lover that is not best for me. The sound of thunder makes me flinch. I need the Lover of my soul to come and rescue my thoughts and cause my mind to be at peace.

I remember my grandmother saying “get somewhere and be still” when a storm was coming she would also say “be quite The Lord is at work” I have to hear my Lovers voice. It’s something about a storm that stirs up emotions.

I’m grateful to my Lover his name is Jesus he keeps me when I don’t want to be kept especially doing the storm.

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Author Pamela Short

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Amazing read and truly insightful. A topic that is hard to talk about but one we all need to gain knowledge about. This book can help any one dealing with the struggle of temptation and learn how to gain freedom in a broken world! Thanks for this and I would encourage all to check it out – Breauna Hill

I loved reading this!! She gives me the reassurance that my desires are normal but reminds me that I have a greater purpose in life. All of my girls will be getting a copy of this book… definite must read this summer!! – Brittney Hill

I must admit that I admire you for your vulnerability, honesty, and willingness to put it “all out there.” Reading it a second time really made your words sink in more, and it’s actually very logical what you are saying. The point is I think we, as women, can ALL relate to some or all parts of your book. – Tracy


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